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Business Analysis

Service Details

Our Business Analysis service encompasses the Enterprise Analysis phase through the entire software development lifecycle. Our internally selected standards are primarily aligned with the Agile methodology.

The requirements development process is typically composed of activities including: solution scope, context definition as well as requirements elicitation, analysis, specification, documentation and validation. We gather, document and validate requirements in close collaboration with business and subject matter experts.

Service Mission

Help companies define the optimal solution for their business needs, taking into account a set of constraints under which the company operates, including time, budget, regulations and others. To ensure the process of defining requirements and establishing a shared vision of the solution among all stakeholders is efficient as well as time and cost effective, our business analysts may conduct part of the service on-site.


  • Solution Scope Definition
  • Process Context Definition
  • Requirements Elicitation
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Documentation
  • Requirements Validation

Take advantage of our free consultation phone discussion to gain perspective how we can assist in the analysis of your next software project.

Dedicated Virtual Assistant

Service Details

Our Dedicated Virtual Assistant service is what sets us apart from other technology solution providers. We invest in highly-skilled, industry professionals that align with our customer first,

Our Assistant service was created primarily to compliment our flagship SaaS Data Management product. Offering in process assistance enables our customers to leverage the product features as well as a dependable on-call, as-needed, resource that is trained and capable to perform work functions within the system. This combination truly has the power and potential to revolutionize the way you work.

Service Mission

Deliver highly-skilled industry professionals that value integrity, dependability and reliability wrapped in a fun personality to improve your way of life through value added assistance.


  • Highly-skilled Industry Professionals
  • Effective results with rapid response
  • Finance & Accounting Assistance
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Website SEO Assistance
  • Plans & Pricing to fit any budget

We have an entire section of our website dedicated to our virtual assistant service. Learn more

Search Engine Optimization

Service Details

SEO is a very diverse term. In literal form, it describes the practices involved in optimizing your website for search engines. But under the covers, the mechanics of SEO are complex, multi-faceted and often confusing to many.

SEO has dramatically changed in recent years, and what worked in the past is no longer effective in todays online environment. Search engines frequently change their algorithm, and each change could mean a significant drop in your search rankings. Therefore your SEO strategy needs to insulate your website from these risks and ensure long-term traffic growth.

Service Mission

Through the use of SEO Professionals, Advanced SEO Tools, Proactive Reporting & Monitoring and ongoing research with search providers, we strive to stay ahead of the curve to deliver your website sustainable traffic growth.


  • Current-state Website Review & Analysis
  • Drive traffic to your website organically
  • Increase your visibility and get you more website visitors
  • Continuous improvement of your online presence
  • Increase your on-site conversions
  • Educate & Navigate you through the wild maze of SEO

Drop us a note with details of your SEO goals to get started today!

Web & Software Engineering

Service Details

Our Web & Software Engineering services are tailored to highly customized solutions. Not every software solution can be solved using off-the-shelf products and often times everyone encounters situations that require custom solutions of all flavors.

Custom solutions of today are highly integrated and technology independant. We take pride in being a Microsoft based solutions provider, however at the core we utilize service-based development principles that lend to any and all technologies leveraging their individual strengths.

Service Mission

Provide high quality service structured, integration aware, responsive custom solutions that are cost effective and fit-for-purpose for your software needs.


  • You talk, we listen... Fit-for-purpose Solutions
  • Full Stack Engineers
  • Robust Lab and Staging Environments for Testing & Release
  • Integration Aware & Responsive Design
  • On-going Enhancement & Support
  • High Quality and Cost Effective

Let's get started today discussing your custom software requirements, we can't wait to hear from you!

Your success is our goal and together we can achieve excellence.

Our service offering is just part of our mission to deliver cost saving solutions through great resources and products. In that equation, services represent great resources, that by our definition means we take the time to listen, ask questions, solve problems, seek confirmation and stand behind our deliverables.

Service Listing:

Business Analysis
In-depth analysis targeted at gathering ample amounts of business functional detail for technical solution analysis
Email, Phone Interviews, Employee Interviews, Skype, In-person
First contact within 1 business day. Completion varies by engagement.
$65 per hour (no minimum)
Dedicated Virtual Assistant
You communicate directly with your assistant to identify and map out your task strategy. Then delegate and rest assured your tasks will get completed on-time and to your satisfaction!
Email, Phone, SMS, Web Portal and Skype
Same business day guarantee. Varies by plan
As low as $198 monthly
Seach Engine Optimization
Search engine ranking is a moving target and not always easy to hit your mark. Our website analysis will provide a detailed assessment on how to improve your rankings.
Email, Phone, Skype, In-person
First contact within 1 business day. Completion varies by engagement.
$195 Website Analysis
$45 per hour (2 hour minimum)
Charges related to PPC campaign(s) not included
Web & Software Engineering
We offer end-to-end solutions including architecture & design, strategy & planning, development, marketing & SEO. We have full-stack solution professionals ready to take on your next software project.
Email, Phone, Skype, In-person
Rapid Response. Completion varies by engagement.
As low as $35 per hour (full project minimum hours required)
Starting at $85 per hour contract hourly (no minimum)
Rates vary based upon engagement

Want to save money? Any of our services can be leveraged through our dedicated virtual assistants and your very own xquisite assistance representative (XAR).

This is a powerful way to maximize your value, at a subscription based discounted rate, to leverage any and all of our professional service offerings when you hire one of our XAR's. Learn more

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