Our Advantage

Specialized knowledge, superior service, backed by a software solutions provider focused on your individual success.

Raising the Bar

We focus on highly skilled, specialized functions that deliver value that will make you re-evaluate your expectations of an administrative assistant.

Of course we can perform common administrative tasks for you. You choose how to spend your hours to deliver the highest return on your investment.

Specialized Task Offerings

Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting functions can be simplified greatly when an external specialist is engaged. Whether you want a results driven collections agent to aggressively work with your customers to proactively reduce your DSO, or need an extra set of hands for remedial tasks, our accounting experts have your back. more information


We will pair you with a XAR that has skills in your chosen Finance & Accounting platform such as Quickbooks, SAP, JD Edwards, Dynamics, etc. If you'd like, you can grant restricted access to your accounting system and they can work directly in your stream of work. If you're not interested or able to allow your XAR into your system, you can send work to our system, via integration API calls and we'll perform the work and send it back to your system.

Paper to Electronic

Finance & Accounting mainly remains a paper based function and costs come with processing paper. We offer varied solutions to help you reduce the costs of storage and retrieval of paper, while increasing visibility and transparency into those stacks of paper.

At a minimum, our data management solution offers a robust storage, retrieval and indexing solution to take care of the entire process. To interface with that process and get your paper documents into electronic form, we can provide you a simple download that will load your scanned documents to our secure servers. We also offer fully loaded mailroom services where you have all paper documents sent to a dedicated Post Office Box where we receive, scan and index those paper documents for you. It's your decision.

Most beneficial, once your paper is in electronic form in our data management solution, your XAR is already trained on how to perform work within the system. For you, that translates into increased efficiency, training time and cost savings, which ultimately puts money directly to your bottom line.

Most Common F&A Tasks

Collections - Focused DSO Improvement
Invoice & Payment Reconciliation
Data Entry & Indexing
Fixed Asset Management
Dispute Management - Vendor Credits, Order Processing, etc.

Your XAR will provide improved efficiency, accuracy and promptness to your Finance & Accounting functions ultimately increasing your profitibility and overall success! Let's get started now


For most, technology is a cost and a very expensive one at that. Staying on top of technology costs and how they translate to income isn't always easy. Adding expensive resources becomes more difficult to justify, ultimately giving your competition an advantage in today's connected world. Our technology professionals can support, enhance and modify your existing technology as well as analyze and create new solutions that support business income.more information

Resource cost-per-hour

Your XAR will have access to highly skilled and talented software engineers to solve your technology challenges. Technology service providers, big and small, charge hourly rates of $65-$250 per hour for contract senior level engineers, depending upon the technology in focus. Which isn't cheap and typically translates to unsupportive legacy applications limping along supporting your organization.

Leveraging any of our assistant plans, you can take advantage of our technology professionals for as low at $25 per hour. That's less than half and up to one-tenth the cost of contract providers!

Keeping up with the Jones'

Finding your business behind the technology curve can cost you potential customers to your competition as well as increased costs to upgrade when it becomes essential or worse, an emergency.

Investing thousands of dollars upfront on solutions that support your business at a point in time isn't the right approach in this day and age. To succeed in today's commerce, your business must evolve and if it doesn't, your competition will. As your business evolves, your technology must evolve with it. Making minor changes and enhancements along the way saves you money while keeping up with or ahead of your competition.

Most Common Technology Tasks

Web Support & Maintenance
Database Design & Administration
Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO)
Interactive Web Development
Application Updates & Enhancements
SQL Stored Procedure & Script Creation
Technology Business Analysis & Consulting

Your XAR will act as your conduit to our technical professionals. When necessary, our technical professionals will contact and work directly with you to solve you toughest problems...they aren't locked in a room and fed under the door, don't worry.

We have clients that use their monthly hours strictly as their technology department, where we answer technical questions directly for their customers, keep their web presence up-to-date and provide consultation on their technical direction and it's proven to give you an edge on your competition. Let's get started now

Industry Specialists

Our professional network doesn't stop at technology providers. The relationships we build with our clients provide us unique connections to each and every industry we've provided solutions for. We will tap into these connections and knowledge to help provide the best assistance and value to you for your underlying success.more information

Your very own XAR (Czar)

We'll leave politics out of this, but your very own XAR is qualified and capable to run or organize your delegated task list and they will devote their expertise and resources to your work.

Clearing Hurdles

Industry specific hurdles aren't always easy to clear without tripping. We will scour our industry network on your behalf to connect you with industry specialists to deliver a unique solution just for your needs.

To be clear, we do not compromise any competive edge you may have over your competition and we wouldn't copy their solution just to place you on an equal playing field. We will always strive to set you apart from your competition!


An sector full of rigid processes, strict documentation requirements, regulations and compliance, there's a plethora of administrative work that must be taken care of before providing any healthcare services.

Opportunity where we can provide most assistance in this industry is surrounding data management. Particularly data collection, processing and indexing, paper-to-electronic and keeping everything organized and secure.

Membership Services: Enrollment. Benefit Coding & Testing. Premium Billing & Reconciliation.
Claims Services: Claims Processing. Medical Billing. ICD-10. Accounts Receiveable.
Provider Services: Provider Data & Contract Management. Fraud & Abuse Visibility. Network Management.
Pharmacy: Claims Processing. Enrollment/Eligibility. Benefit Coding. Provider/Payer Enrollment.


One of the toughest industries to justify technology costs. How technology directly or indirectly improves business and overall profitability can be a challenge in this industry.

We focus primarily on data management and solutions to organize business functions. In order to save money by taking advantage of payment terms and discounts, you must be organized and prompt, but the savings add up fast. We'll focus assistance on the entire construction project lifecycle, specifically vendor term discounts as well as contractor payments.

Vendor Management: Define Service Level Agreements (SLA) to maximize discounts.
Contractor Management: Rapid Time Card Review, Approval and Payment.
Compliance: Regulation Research, Review and Analysis to limit risk of penalties.
Technology: Mobile friendly, Interactive Solutions on the go.


A vast majority of banking institutions have spent a lot of time and money in the recent years embracing online transactions to ensure they aren't losing members to their competition. Since the most common place in differentiating yourself in the banking industry is interest rates and convenience, firms are often pushed to keep up.

Having some of your banking processes in electronic form is great, but often times pushing to keep up with big name competitors often creates gaps and that's where it can cost your business valuable profits.

Often times bridging these gaps includes paper-to-electronic conversions. Archiving business critical documents, electronic scanning of checks that aren't submitted electronically through online banking means and seemless integration to ensure consistent processes and reporting.

Image Storage & Retrieval: Scanned image metadata indexing, storage and retrieval.
Payment Processing: Payment and Receipt Processing.
Paper-to-Electronic Archive: Convert paper archives into searchable assets.

Most banking establishments find lighter weight image storage and retrieval provides the best return on their investment. When your XAR is combined with our data management solution, you XAR can perform all indexing and metadata capture without any costly additional training or learning curve delay. Let's get started now

Flexible Pricing & Plans, No Monthly Commitment

We understand investing in a virtual assistant comes with some unknowns and uncertainties that only time and a quality customer experience will ease.

Therefore we give you flexible, no monthly commitment options that allow you to purchase hours that don't renew every month that you can use at your own comfort.

A la carte Hourly Plan - Purchase a predefined amount of assistant hours that can be used whenever you'd like. These hours still have a lifespan and do expire, however it's not monthly. Your tasks are handled by an available XAR at the time assistance is requested.

Monthly Subscription Plans - The value of a Virtual Assistant services increases tremendously as the relationship strengthens between you and your XAR. Just a matter of fact, the more you get to your XAR and vice-versa, the better you understand and respect each others work style, habits, personality and expectations.

NO CONTRACTS ** - Whether you choose an a la carte or monthly plan, you can terminate service whenever you'd like. Once the current plan is selected and paid for, we fulfill our end of that commitment. If for any reason you choose to discontinue using our service, you can cancel future commitments at your discretion. We simply ask you to fulfill your selected commitment for the current month or block of a la carte hours.

Learn more about our Plans & Pricing

**Refunds are not guaranteed. Any request for a refund will be reviewed at our discretion. You can simply terminate service moving forward at your discretion.