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How can we help you succeed?

Your success is top priority. We offer a range of solutions and services tailored precisely towards your business needs.

SaaS Ecommerce Platform

Proven SaaS Ecommerce Platform that integrates seamlessly with our business management solution.

SaaS Data Management

Proven SaaS Data and Business Management Platform, lifecycle based, web-driven, complete with full cloud services layer to access to your data.

Custom Solution Services

Custom Software, Mobile and Web Development. Integration Services. Technical Consulting. Software Maintenance and Support.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is the acronym for Software as a Service that represents a business model where a service provider invests funds and resources into the creation of marketable solutions that are owned, operated and managed by the provider and delivered to clients through valuable services.

Our goal as a SaaS provider is to take care of the technical overhead, such as hardware infrastructure, technical resources, maintenance and support so you can focus on the success of your business.

The SaaS ROI

Return on your Investments is recognized in many forms of a quality SaaS solution. As a SaaS customer you don't have to purchase hardware, software or perform maintenance and upgrades. Our technology resources take care of everything associated with bringing the solution online.

Cloud Enabled Services

We provide a robust web service layer that enables you to integrate to your hearts contents. Making it easy to send data into or retrieve out of our systems, as well as perform key functions within the system.

Global Access

Delivered via mobile friendly web technologies, you can access your business information anywhere at anytime as long as you have internet connectivity.

Our Products

Our approach to business in the technology industry is simple. Although good for our business, we saw the same 'ol story, time and time again. We need a whatcha-ma-gig that will gather some data, apply a little business specific logic to the data and show me the data while looking pretty along the way...oh wait, technology has changed, yet our process hasn't, oh well, let's upgrade and here's a check. Sound familiar?

So what did we do about that?

Great question... For starters, we researched many project solutions along the way, asking ourselves... what if we had a foundational product, of which got us most of the way there with the structure and backend necessities. Then we add a fair amount of configuration ability to enable the client to add their own business specific functionality. That would leave us with a manageable bite to chew to deliver a robust data management tool for a lot less money upfront to you. Oh and we host it, maintain the servers and provide outstanding customer service and support to boot.

Ahhaaa, great idea... and our data management tool was born. Click below and let us introduce you!

   SaaS Data Management Solution

What about the cutting edge design front-end?

Perfect timing for that question... Well, our data management solution is constructed with functionality in mind. Does that mean it's ugly and un-sexy? Not so much, however when you add components like document viewers, web collection forms and such, real-estate comes at a premium, so we found targeting a responsive, mobile friendly front-end wasn't in it's best interest or wheelhouse.

Plus, our exclusively online Ecommerce customers needed a secure method of accepting payments, so we created our Ecommerce front-end solution that's fully integrated with the backend.

Separate the client-facing functionality away from the business inner-workings you say? Genius... oh wait, most brick and mortar businesses are physically structured that way already. But why do most technology providers try to force them to co-exist? Well, we don't, that simple! We place a wall between our virtual showroom and busy office staff backend tools, it's the right thing to do.

   SaaS Ecommerce Solution

   Dedicated Virtual Assistant Service

Improve Efficiency

Our products are designed to improve your overall bottom line while making your business more efficient.

To compliment our products, we offer dedicated virtual assistants that are trained on our products and ready to roll up their sleeves and get to work for you. Our dedicated virtual assistants combined with our products can provide you an end-to-end solution to skyrocket your productivity and efficiency at a fraction of full-time resource costs.

An xquisite assistance representative or XAR, can help you in more ways than you think:

  • SaaS Data Management Tasks
  • SaaS Ecommerce Management Tasks
  • Invoice Reconciliation
  • Email and Calendar Management
  • Corporate Accounting Collections
  • Data Entry and Reconciliation
  • Website SEO Assistance
  • Even Enhancements to SaaS Products

Quality resources ready to help on your demand, that's the xquisite difference.